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Outdoor Displays

Traditional outdoor fireworks utilize 1.3G or display type fireworks typically shot from racks of mortars. These displays require areas that have sufficient space for setup of a large number of racks and that provide a fallout zone for debris and a minimum safe distance from the audience and structures that is dependent on a number of factors including maximum shell size. The radius of a typical traditional outdoor fireworks display is several hundred feet.

Tri-State Fireworks is a direct importer of superior quality 1.3G fireworks.  We work directly with the manufacturer to select and design shells with the most exciting styles and effects.

Tri-State Fireworks will evaluate your event site and provide you with a layout and design for the safest, most effective pyrotechnics for your venue. No event is too large or too small.

We will work with the relevant authorities and jurisdictions to obtain all required permits.

Our team of professionals will tailor your display using state-of-the-art design software.

State-of-the-art electronic firing systems are used to safely, precisely, and reliably fire your show.

Licensed pyrotechnicians and trained assistants will professionally and efficiently setup, shoot, and cleanup the display.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations

Whatever or whenever, make your event a moment to remember with fireworks designed especially for your time and place.

CONTACT US Today to Make Your Upcoming Event Memorable.